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The SEP-u within one year we achieved 6.06% increase in efficiency compared on 03/01/2009, when the program was introduced.

In the months July, August and September 2009, shows an increase in value because the director changed the value of the estimates and put them much higher than they were at that time. In September it is then lowered again so that the situation was similar to that in October in June. The fact is that this increase in value did not have any impact on the final score, which is only the beginning and the end of an era.

Calculated by deducting the average value of that increase, we obtain the following result.

The following table shows the labor efficiency and improved relations are shown separately. It is interesting that after the first evaluation of relations fell to a lower level, which is also expected. The same thing happened in June, but it is clear that better relations with the month after you draw the working efficiency, which in turn expected to result, and also proof that the program works. Similar results have so far occurred in practically all of podjetjij in which the application is installed.

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SEP, Mokronog (Slovenia)
The program has already celebrated its first "birthday"
in a manufacturing company, SEP, located at Mokronog,
Slovenia. This was the first installation of HRMreview.
According to the Director, Edmund Pal, the program has
fulfilledits expectations on such a level, that they will extend
evaluations and consecutively benefit payments across the
whole company (including production).
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The application HRM Review at the
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in May 2010 received a
The application HRM Review was
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